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Royal Jelly is the most nutritious substance found in the beehive, and the only source of food for the queen bee and larvae. It is why the queen bee lives up to 50 times longer than the average worker bee, and is able to lay more than 1,500 eggs.

With its rich source of vitamins, proteins and amino acids, you can see why there are many reasons royal jelly is regarded highly in the health food world. Noted for being beneficial in cellular regeneration, it can help humans internally and externally.

Everyone wants glowing, radiant skin. But as we age, or when we are stressed, our skin will naturally lose its luster. Royal Jelly helps reduces inflammation, promotes collagen production and is beneficial when applied directly to skin & hair. 

Anti-aging and wrinkle reducer

Skin and wound healing properties (heals acne, scars, cuts, and wounds)


Antibiotic components


Boosts fertility

Antibacterial agents

Cancer Preventative

Contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and enzymes.

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With increasing age, the skin’s cell renewal process becomes less efficient. Tissue repair and cell regeneration slow down. The amount of natural moisture present in the skin is reduced. As collagen production lessens, skin becomes thinner and loses its flexibility.If you can boost collagen production, you should be able to slow down the aging process.  Royal jelly contains minerals like silicon that lead to increased collagen production.  It also contains specific anti-oxidants and nutrients that support skin renewal such as flavonoids, nucleic acid, decanoic acid, enzymes, and hormones.Numerous vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, acetyl-choline and zinc can be found in royal jelly, which are all excellent for skin health. Studies indicate that the acids found in Royal jelly contribute to its collagen production and promotion.

Sun exposure is needed for healthy, glowing skin. Too much sun is not good and as we all know can lead to accelerated skin aging.   With royal jelly’s skin benefits becoming more well-known, scientists set out to investigate if royal jelly could protect human skin cells from photo-aging (aging caused by the sun).In this study, scientists tested the effects of royal jelly on UVB (these are the “burning rays” of the sun that are the primary cause of accelerated skin aging). Basically, they applied Royal Jelly to the cells and then gave them a sunburn.What they found was that the cells treated with royal jelly and 10-HDA had increased procollagen type I production, indicating royal jelly caused an increase in healthy, new skin cells to be produced.


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When there is a hormonal imbalance in the body, especially during a period such as menopause, a decrease in hormones often causes skin problems. Low estrogen creates significant changes in the skin.Women with hormonal imbalances find:Their skin becomes drier with increased wrinklesSkin becomes more fragile, loses some of its elasticity, and is looser because the production of collagen is reducedOlder skin appears paler as the lack of estrogen reduces the number of blood vessels in the skinMenopause also causes a reduction in the level of testosterone but not as significant a drop as in estrogen.Royal jelly is a powerful hormonal tonic.  Because your hormones are so complex, royal jelly should be used for a minimum of three months to see hormonal balancing.

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